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Artist Profile - Shelly Wan
Shelly Wan
Jason Chan, Last Man Standing's very first crusher of dreams, talks about life in the concept art industry and sings me a beautiful song.
Artist Profile - Shelly Wan
Shelly Wan
Last Man Standing 2 champ Shelly Wan is way too nice to admit that she is a badass.
Artist Profile - Dan Dos Santos
Dan Dos Santos
Illustrator and newborn baby’s-daddy Dan Dos Santos answers nueve decent questions and uno completely stupid one.
Artist Profile - Nic Klein
Nic Klein
Nic Klein helps kick off the launch of Last Man Standing with our first interview.
1/27/09 | Big plans for
I've got something cooking up right now, a nice big fat secret that I hope to unveil sometime in the Spring. Suffer the winter with some art to prepare, that's all I'm saying. in the meantime, I'll be uploading a few more interviews and goodies planned to tide you over. Check back often, kiddos.
10/21/08 | Cicinimo (Jaime Jones) wins Last Man Standing 3!
After months of hard work and 359 contenders out of the running, Cicinimo takes home this year's Last Man Standing title! Congrats Jaime!
08/05/08 | Round Four matches announced!
We've taken our sweet time getting here, but we've finally come to the final round of LMS3! Follow the link to see the final 6 contenders!
05/12/08 | Round Three matches announced!
Only 18 contenders left as the LMS3 Round Three matchups are been posted!
04/22/08 | Round Two entry threads are live!
Round Two's 18 matches have been posted on, each entry interpreting this round's topic Outbreak. Check it.
02/13/08 | Round Two matches announced and an interview with Min Yum / Bumskee!
Official LMS3 Round Two matchups have been posted... see whose souls you'll have to eat to get through to the next round. Also, an interview with the keeper of the world's most delicious name, Min Yum.
01/25/08 | Round one entry threads are live!
All 72 matches for Round 1 are posted over at, so you goddamn well better check them out now! Matches 1-24 / 25-48 / 49-72 (links pop in new window).
11/19/07 | Round one matches and topic announced!
Last Man Standing is officially on! See round one's match listing, deadline and topic here.
11/13/07 | Reserve list sign up begins and an interview with Jason Chan!
Open sign ups are now over, but you can still register to be put on the reserve list here. Also, an interview with Last Man Standing 1 winner Jason Chan. He's so dreamy...
11/12/07 | Sign up for Last Man Standing 3!
Sign up for the Last Man Standing 3 thunderdome will run until we reach 320 contenders. Think you got what it takes to go toe-to-toe with some of the industry's finest? Prove it.
11/08/07 | 3 interviews up in the Artist Interviews section.
Interviews with Dan Dos Santos, Nic Klein and our reigning queen of the LMS Shelly Wan are up in the Artist Interviews section!
11/08/07 | LMS3 Launches!
Welcome back for the 3rd incarnation of the only source that matters for all out artistic war, the Last Man Standing thunderdome! This time around we're bringing you more than the most massive Last Man Standing event to date... we've got regularly updated interviews with the most promising contestants and judges knee deep in the proverbial shit, tutorials accompanying what will surely be some of the most impressive entries in the thunderdome as of yet, and still more to come. Enjoy the site, come back often and we'll see you in the dome!
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